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11th March 2011 What business schools can do to encourage sustainability

"Business schools need to teach students more about sustainability." I have lost count of the number of times I've heard this declaration from business leaders around the world.

28th February 2011 How ‘social intrapreneurs’ can drive innovation in your business

Jo da Silva is a social intrapreneur. A social activist who absorbed her parents' strong sense of community, coupled with a deep sense of compassion cultivated through early travels in Turkey, the Middle East and India, Jo is committed to developing and applying her engineering skills to solving societal problems.

27th January 2011 Ageing society – Grey skies thinking

Madonna and I have at least two things in common. We both like her music. And we are both defined as “older people” by the UK government. I recently reflected that if Madonna and I count as “older people”, perhaps society needs to adjust its perceptions and language, in preparation for what some commentators have described as the world’s ageing tsunami.

15th September 2010 Future sustainable growth – Capitalism that works

MBA students frequently ask me if businesses can ever be truly sustainable. Or if behind the mantras like “people, planet, profit”, do businesses really always want more people to consume more? Students seem genuinely troubled over whether enhancing shareholder value and true sustainability can be really reconciled. I believe they can.

1st September 2009 Stakeholder engagement and Corporate Responsibility

Organisations can no longer choose if they want to engage with stakeholders or not; the only decision they need to take is when and how successfully to engage. When organisations don’t engage stakeholders successfully, they can lose out, with consequent negative newspaper headlines.
Stakeholder engagement is relevant to any type of organisation: business, public or civil society. It is particularly important in the context of running an organisation responsibly and is integral to the concept of Corporate Responsibility.


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