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5th December 2016 Building the case for better supporting business with purpose

Inspired by our late founder and lead sponsor, Nigel Doughty, the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility has been mapping and tracking the myriad of organisations, initiatives and time-limited projects focused in some way on the renewal of capitalism. We identified more than 130, and have found many more since our mapping. Many of these highlight the need for businesses to have a societal purpose.

28th November 2016 Corporate responsibility in a digital revolution – a brave new world?

John Neill, executive chairman of the Unipart Group of Companies and a member of the Cranfield University School of Management’s Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility Advisory Council since its inception, is eloquent on the scale and range of impacts of the coming Digital Revolution.

19th October 2016 Preparing for second careers: purposeful jobs for people of all ages

This roundtable at ACTIS, on October 4th 2016, was led by Anita Hoffmann, Visiting Fellow, Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility.

17th September 2016 Blueprint for Better Business Panel and Academic Conference, September 2016

In September 2016, A Blueprint for Better Business organised 2 events to further understand the role of ‘purpose’ within business.

The Panel Discussion on ‘Purpose and Performance’ was attended by around 150 business professionals, whilst the Academic Conference on ‘Organisations with Purpose’ (held in conjunction with London Business School & the LBS Leadership Institute) was attended by around 50 leading academics. I attended both events, and provided my personal reflections.

14th July 2016 A society for all?

Eighteen months or so before the 2015 General Election, I suggested to a senior Government minister that the Conservatives should address the debates about the need to renew capitalism in the forthcoming election.

23rd June 2016 A positive direction of travel for corporate sustainability

A new report shows positive direction of travel for corporate sustainability – and confirms insights from the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility work themes.


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