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22nd August 2020 Review of TENDER -book by Penny Wincer

My review of Tender: The Imperfect Art of Caring

12th August 2020 Ethical culture doesn’t exist on its own

Blog as chair of Institute of Business Ethics

10th August 2020 Empowering the intrapreneurs within your business

Blog for Esade Business School, Barcelona, authored with Sonia Ruiz

16th July 2020 Blog for Thinking UnThinkable

Renewing capitalism and creating a more sustainable society and market economy. How might that happen? Here are some of the questions that have occurred to me.

10th July 2020 Leading ethically through Uncertainty
23rd June 2020 In “it” together
17th June 2020 All In: Two years On
12th June 2020 Calling carers – Carers Week reflections
10th June 2020 When the working carer is working for themselves!


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