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14th November 2017 The role of Industry Associations in setting standards

Behaving responsibly, being corporately responsible and encouraging other businesses to follow suit, is fundamental to restoring trust in individual businesses. Companies must take a leadership role on their own, but also be willing to work collectively in partnership with their peers and competitors to achieve industry-wide progress.

11th October 2017 How big tech can anticipate its responsibilities

“The Circle” is a powerful albeit dystopian novel by the American writer Dave Eggers, about an eponymous fictional Internet company. Think Google, Apple, LinkedIn and more rolled into one.

3rd October 2017 Being a Great Employer for Working Carers

Please forgive the direct question but who are you caring for? Or, if you are not caring for someone right now, who do you expect to be looking after in the future? A parent or another elderly relative? Perhaps your partner or a sibling with a long-term condition? Or a disabled son or daughter? Perhaps a friend or neighbour who has had an operation or an accident?

1st October 2017 New leadership competencies for corporate sustainability

Sustainability is one of those ubiquitous words, which can also be very slippery, as different people understand the word differently.

29th September 2017 Bridging the skills gap in collaborative corporate responsibility

As company after company has found to its cost, corporate responsibility is a competitive differentiator. Be branded corporately irresponsible, and media news stories and images will soon send customers into the arms of your competitors.

11th September 2017 Why every board should care about their working carers

With at least one in nine employees in the average UK workforce being a carer for a loved one, boards should value and support these employee carers—or risk losing them, which impacts upon business and society.

6th September 2017 Being a working carer

James Ashwell was a 25 year-old strategy consultant with the global consulting firm Accenture when he received a phone call at work informing him that his dad, just 64, had died suddenly a few hours previously.

30th August 2017 How to be a great employer for working carers

Looking after my mum in her final years, ensuring that she could stay happily and safely in her own home, and that she always had things to look forward to, was the most important thing I have done in my life – and I imagine will remain so.


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