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14th July 2016 A society for all?

Eighteen months or so before the 2015 General Election, I suggested to a senior Government minister that the Conservatives should address the debates about the need to renew capitalism in the forthcoming election.

23rd June 2016 A positive direction of travel for corporate sustainability

A new report shows positive direction of travel for corporate sustainability – and confirms insights from the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility work themes.

19th May 2015 Caring about carers who work for you is part of being a sustainable business

As society gives more attention to mental health and ageing populations, organisations will need to change the way they treat staff who are also carers.

4th August 2014 Why collaborating with the competition can make business sense

New forms of corporate collaboration can drive sustainability, and create better products and services.

4th August 2014 Why collaborating with the competition can make business sense

Businesses are engaging in varied models of collaboration to improve their own, and society's resilience.

4th April 2014 New insight into how global business operates

Two new books provide some fascinating detail about how big international companies work and how those on the inside can help bring about real sustainable change.

14th March 2014 Helping social intrapreneurship reach a tipping point

More than 30 years ago, as a young and inexperienced social entrepreneur (not that I knew or used such a term then), I was just trying to do something practical to improve economic and social conditions in the north-east of England where I was based. Initially, for myself and fellow social entrepreneurs it felt very lonely. Before long however, we started to connect with kindred spirits around the country. We came from different political backgrounds, different ages and different sectors.

13th January 2014 Rewiring capitalism: we need a narrative we can believe in

"The Sustainability movement will fail unless it creates a compelling future vision," Jo Confino argued in a recent piece. Collectively, he said, we have failed "to articulate a vision of a future that is both prosperous while remaining within planetary boundaries. Until it is able to showcase a plausible paradigm shift, then no one is going to feel safe letting go of the current system that is driving us towards the edge of an environmental and social abyss."

28th September 2013 Sustainability – a view from the crossroads

It’s time to reassess the best direction for the journey towards sustainable business. I vividly recall listening in early 2005 to a BBC Radio 4 play, Playing for Time – 3 days in May 1940(i), in which Winston Churchill’s long-serving personal detective, WH Thompson, described travelling in the car with Churchill, down the Mall from Buckingham Palace, after Churchill had been appointed as prime minister.


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